Value of Scoliosis Care

Scientific studies have confirmed that there is a direct correlation between a patient’s perception of their health as measured by a health questionnaire, their mortality rate, and the severity of their scoliosis. In other words, the larger the degree of curvature, the more the scoliosis impacts your overall health and well-being, and reduces your lifespan.

Obviously, every degree of correction counts! But what is the real cost, per degree? Let’s take a moment to examine the value of various methods of scoliosis treatment as applied to a hypothetical patient with a 50 degree Cobb angle.

Harrington Rod Surgery: At a cost of roughly $120,000, the surgeon performing the operation will aim to reduce the curvature by roughly 50%. So the cost involved would be $4,800 per degree of correction, and the correction achieved has been shown to be temporary. Curves will continue to worsen after surgery, by about one degree per year.

Typical Chiropractic Care for scoliosis: In one study, participants averaged 1.4 degrees of correction after one year of “standard” chiropractic care. If one year of non-intensive chiropractic care is roughly $10,000, then this works out to about $10,000 per degree of correction… not to mention the time investment!

Scoliosis Bracing: This is a trick question – bracing will never reduce the severity of scoliosis, and whether or not it even stops progression is heavily debated amongst orthopedic surgeons. But for our purposes, the value of bracing cannot be determined, because it is impossible to divide any cost by zero.

At the Scoliosis Correction Center, costs start at approximately $3,000 for one week of intensive care to $9,000 for two weeks of intensive care including a scoliosis traction chair for your home. We also have longer comprehensive care plans for patients who live closer to Greenville. Assuming the patient achieves results exactly equal to our average amount of correction, 62% of their scoliosis would be corrected after treatment (from 50 degrees down to 19). Value: $384 per degree of correction, 9.75% of the price per degree of correction when compared to surgery.

Bottom Line: Our method of scoliosis correction is both non-invasive and significantly less expensive than traditional treatments.

A Recent Email To Us:

Hi, I am doing a project on scoliosis for school, and not to long ago my cousin had surgery to correct her scoliosis and she became paralyzed from the waist down. And i was just wondering if you know of anything that can lessen the chance of becoming paralyzed during surgery? Thanks!


The success of our scoliosis treatment, warrants a serious investigation prior to allowing any invasive procedure to be performed on yourself or a loved one.